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Shaving Fork

Shaving Fork

Product Code: KBF99.SF1

Price: 23.08 (27.70 Including VAT at 20%)

If your delivery address is outside the UK, you will not be charged VAT by us but you may be charged a Sales Tax (VAT) by your own country.

The KBF99 Shaving Fork is an essential tool for any stable owner.

The durable prongs are strong enough to withstand the weight of an adult as well as retaining their shape.

The prongs are wide enough to allow dry shaving to fall through allowing for maximum efficiency when cleaning out your stable.

The additive is impregnated throughout the fork head to imbue it with the KBF99 Bacteria and Fungus killing properties.

An aluminium handle is available if needed at either 1m or 1.25m length:

Not required
1m Handle (+11.55)
1.25m handle (+11.55)


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