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Cooler Rugs

Does your horse need a cooler rug to help regulate its temperature after a workout, during travel, or to help dry off after a refreshing bath? Thermatex have a comprehensive range of cooler rugs designed for these purposes and suitable for all horse types and breeds.

The popular SHR immediately starts working from the moment it’s placed on a hot/wet horse. The knitted fabric with its distinctive quilted squares works by allowing airflow whilst at the same time expelling excess moisture. The unwanted moisture is drawn away from the horse and gathers (like mist) on the outside of the rug once the horse begins to cool, on the inside the horse will quickly dry.

This British made rug is constructed using three layers of fabric; natural wool and acrylic are blended to provide the ‘wicking’ element whilst the third (middle layer) of polypropylene provides essential warmth. These rugs are made from a single section of woven fabric (no spinal seam) which allows the rug to gain close contact with the horse and achieve the perfect fit.

Features include: double front closure, reinforced over the wither and a belly strap for easy use (cross surcingles can also be fitted).

Four Cooler Rug Options

The original Thermatex cooler rug - ideal for use after exercise, during travel or as a stable rug.
Built using the same fabric as the SHR but machined to produce smaller micro quilted squares. It also features double binding and a colour coordinated filet string - very smart and ideal for show use.
A lighter weight version of the SHR. This has the same great wicking powers without the insulation layer - ideal for use on unclipped horses or during spring and autumn.
New and Improved - superior fabric and full colour range Made from lightweight single knit breathable fabric - ideal for summer time use.

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